I cant stop to love spagetti

My homemade recipe:
*Garlic (I put a lot!!)
*Tomato sauce
*Vege (carrot/broccoli/etc)
*sausage (to replace fresh meat)
*mushroom (button mushroom/wild mushroom/etc)




Life is always full with 'uncertainties"
So do I
We can hardly foreseen
whether the choices that we made is correct
we can succeed it by putting more effort
and always believe in ourselves
believe in our abilities
believe in our unlimited potential
and try our best


my Elephant

I guess this was the very first time for me to review kind of dining place in my blog. Just wanna share with u a nice place for dining + relaxing + observaing its interior design. I am so in loved with the environment here. It is very cosy and comfortable, maybe due to its nicely relected light. The photos shown above were not taken by me of course.haha..(it was grabbed from the website). One who keen on interior design sure will cant take his/her eye off from the ID inside. Although myElephant is a Thai restaurant, but u can also sense another feel inside-simple+modern+stylish. One of the facade of the restaurant is with full height glass panel where u can dining and at the same time enjoying the view out there. There is also another corner which decorated with exposed facing brick which attracting me most of the time. The reflected light plus some nice pictures fit the brickwall beautifully. There is also a quite unique corner where u can sit on a raised concrete floor aka Japanese style. Apparently, I was mostly attracted by its interior design, but actually the thai food there also very tasty & affordable. (sorry that I didnt upload photoes of the food..) U can google for the dishes there if u are interested. Below shown the map to myElephant.


W O N D E R - I N G

Am I really on the right path?
Do I really suitable to be a QS?
Do I really love my job?
Do I really equipped with adequate skill in my career?
Do I have bright future if I stay in this path way?
Do I need a change?
Do I??

I was wondering...

(I guess most of the people out there also share the same situation with me.Did u?)

If I was given a choice for my career w/o any constraint, what would I be?

* Designer?
* Event organiser?
* Magazine editor?
* Kindergarden teacher?
* Pet shop worker?
* Wedding planner?

QS is no longer in my list!!



Dear all..
I had given my blog a new style which equal to a new life + new blood.
Hope it will 'inspire' me to be more +passion+ for blogging!
And i do hope that u all can take a fresh breath from my newly reborn blog!

A . L . L . T . H . E . B . E . S . T .